Technology and the internet have changed the world but the way people think about their career hasn’t changed much at all. It’s time for a new approach to career exploration and career decision making. Awesome Careers for Gen Ys: easy strategies to create an amazing career & life is a practical and positive book that equips you to think and make decisions about your career in an environment that no other emerging generation has had to face.

Idea of the book

Sharon Davey believes that the best way for people to increase their career and employment options is to know themselves really well by being very clear about their skills, strengths and values. Having this clarity will enable you to look for careers in a number of industries rather than focussing on a particular job. As well, Sharon urges you to take up any opportunity that comes your way and forget about the misguided advice of ‘following your passion’.

Structure of the book

Awesome Careers for Gen Ys reminds Gen Ys about their positive characteristics, introduces you to six Gen Ys who are out there making a difference, guides you through the process of getting absolute clarity about yourself & your whole life, and then provides you with some assistance with job search or in setting up your own business. Click here for the table of contents for Awesome Careers for Gen Ys.

Formats of the Book

This practical and helpful book comes in a format that will work for you. For those who like the feel of holding a book, the paperback is for you. If you love to listen while you’re on the move or relaxing in a hammock, the audio version is very accessible. If e-books are your thing, it is available from a number of e-booksellers such as Amazon or through the Awesome Careers App in html format. Get it in whatever format is best for you.


Awesome Careers for Gen Ys

Easy strategies to create an amazing career and life. Find out how to gain mastery over the whole of your life and create a life that you’ll love.

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Meet the Author


Sharon Davey, career development expert, speaker and educator, has been providing people with practical, intuitive and non-judgemental career counselling for 30 years. She believes that thoroughly identifying your own innate gifts, skills, attributes and values is the key to getting clarity about your direction and ultimately having a life that lights you up. Sharon also thinks we should have fun in the process.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Want a different sort of careers book? This is it. Sharon Davey recognises that Gen Ys are in a rapidly evolving world that requires a different approach, one that is responsive to the changes that will need to be made throughout your career.
  • Awesome Careers for Gen Ys: easy strategies to create an amazing career & life is available in paperback, in a high-quality audio production that was narrated by the author or in an e-book format. The e-book can be access through many e-book sites, including Amazon.
  • Whatever format you decide to use to access the positive and constructive information and exercises within Awesome Careers for Gen Ys, you will get greater clarity about your whole life, not just your career

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