About Sharon

Like many teenagers, Sharon was completely confused about her career direction and didn’t really know what to do. Her father decided a banking career was what she should pursue and so that’s where she started. Working in a bank was not at all her ‘thing’ and she only ended up working there for 18 months. She still didn’t know what she wanted to do and fell into a series of roles that weren’t at all satisfying to her.

Later on, when Sharon became a single parent, she took stock of her life and decided she needed to make some changes. She studied and became a secondary teacher. When she was asked by her principal to take up the careers teacher position at her school, she did so with an open mind and fell in love with the role.

Having found her niche, Sharon went back to study (part-time) and attained a Graduate Diploma in Careers. She was also influenced by Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute and participated in a 15 day workshop he conducted in Bend, Oregon, USA.

She has held many positions of responsibility within the careers field and for a few years had a state-wide responsibility for careers teachers. She was the President of the Career Education Association of Victoria and on the Executive Committee of the (then) Australian Association of Careers Counsellors in the 1990s. Sharon has delivered workshops and spoken at many careers events.

Sharon has worked in the careers offices of private and government schools and in TAFEs. She has also managed an employment service for a not-for-profit organisation.

Over her career, Sharon has provided careers counselling to thousands of people across all age groups. She is known for her warmth, sense of humour, intelligence and her dedication to encouraging others to recognise and act on their potential.