Job Search Support Kit

    Sharon Davey has had a lot of success with helping people get interviews for jobs and coaching them to be successful with job interviews. In fact, her success rate is 99%. However, she can’t work one on one with everyone. One of the chapters in Awesome Careers for Gen Ys focuses on job search but the author knew that there was a lot more information she could give to make it even easier for you. The kit contains examples as well as tips and strategies. As Sharon says in her book, you CAN learn these skills and become very competent and confident with the job search process.

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  • Help for Neck / Shoulder Pain Video

    Most of us love technology and the possibilities it creates for us all. What we don’t love is the pain or discomfort we get across our shoulders and in our necks when we use our smart phones, tablets or laptops for long periods. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone with this problem. So, Sharon Davey asked her fantastic Gen Y Chiropractor to give you her ideas about how we can alleviate this problem.


    Your Ideal Work

    My Ideal Work helps you to imagine what an ideal work scenario might look and feel like. It is a very useful tool in having you identify ALL aspects of what is really important to you in an ideal work place and is an exercise that has truly changed lives.


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    Awesome Me Folder

    In her book, Awesome Careers for Gen Ys, Sharon Davey introduces two great concepts to help you gain clarity about your life. The first is the Awesome Me Folder, something that not only helps you gain clarity but also helps you organise your information about yourself that helps with job search. The other concept helps you to imagine what an ideal work scenario might look and feel like. It’s called My Ideal Work.

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