Sharon Davey, author of Awesome Careers for Gen Ys, has taken an innovative yet practical approach to the problems that Gen Ys have of:

Sharon Davey has been in the careers development field for 30 years; is a former President of the Careers Education Association of Victoria; and has helped thousands of people to gain clarity about their lives, their direction and to find what lights them up. Get the book that could change YOUR life!

10% of the profits of Awesome Careers for Gen Ys – both the printed and audio versions – will be donated to the Fragile X Association of Australia. Check them out at


So, you’ve read or listened to the book and you’re ready to take yourself on! Congratulations. Sharon Davey is offering 2 comprehensive and practical workbooks.

The Quick & Easy 6 session Awesome Careers workbook is designed for those Gen Ys who have already had a few years in the workplace AND think your resume works fairly well for you. You could be looking at changing your direction at this stage or just wanting to tweak it a little. You’re not getting a re-hash of the book. Sharon has included heaps of extra information and lots more exercises so that you can get real clarity about your life and your career. The 6 e-classes workbook is valued at $119 BUT it’s available to you at a special price of $AU38 for a limited time.

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Grab the 12 session Awesome Careers Plus workbook if you want more of Sharon’s words of wisdom – AND have the commitment to yourself to undertake a comprehensive exploration of your life and your career. There is a lot of extra information included in the workbook with exercises Sharon has used with clients over the years. The 12 session Awesome Careers Plus workbook includes a personal critique of your revised or new resume by Sharon Davey,

This 12 session workbook is a true investment in yourself and your future. The clarity and confidence you will gain in a relatively short time could save you years of living a life of unnecessary uncertainty and doubt. The 12 e-classes program is valued at $250 BUT they’re available to you at a special price of $AU48 for a limited time.

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“I have had the privilege of working with Sharon Davey in various careers roles over the last twenty-four years. Sharon is an extraordinarily skilled Careers Counsellor, able to work equally effectively with young people and adults. She is able to achieve wonderful, positive outcomes for her clients by deftly combining intelligence, wisdom, diligence and intuition – and a great sense of humour. I have witnessed numerous clients leave her sessions feeling empowered, energised and ready to take action, grateful for the life changing work they have undertaken with Sharon.”

Jackie Rothberg

Company Name: Career Action Centre in Melbourne, Australia
Designation: Principal Consultant