Now that the new website is up and running, I am taking the opportunity to produce a monthly newsletter.
Each month you will hear what I’m up to and will provide tips and strategies to assist you in managing your career and your life.
Your feedback is welcome and I will be delighted if you ask questions or request particular content on careers and/or job search in a future issue.



In this first edition, you will get an overview of what makes Awesome Careers different from other careers pages; where can you source information from Awesome Careers; w/awhat resources (both free and available for purchase) that Awesome Careers has developed for you; what’s next; any events that we’re attending/running; and some practical tips and strategies that will assist you in managing your career and life. Each newsletter will be different.

So, how is Awesome Careers different?

Most careers information is directed at you making a decision about a particular job and then working out the paths to get there.

That’s an outdated model. It is a model that narrows choice rather than expands it. It doesn’t take into account the significant changes that have happened in the world; the impact of technology on jobs; the new structure of employment; and the fact that most people want to take charge of their own futures rather than fitting into the old model.

Awesome Careers encourages you to be as clear as possible about your skills, characteristics and values, clearer than you’ve ever been before. If you really understand yourself, you can then look at the opportunities in the workplace in a broader way, one where you’re not just looking at a particular job in a particular industry but considering what’s possible for you across a range of  industries.


‘Your visions will only become clear when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes’. CG Jung


where can you find awesome careers?

The website:
The Awesome Careers App – available through both Ios and Android
Awesome Careers YouTube channel
Social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

What resources are available to you?


For Free:

The Job Search Support Kit – 20 page booklet to help you with your job search

My Ideal Work – a comprehensive written exercise that has changed lives

Awesome Me Folder template – to help you keep a record of all of your skills and achievements

For purchase:

The paperback, the audio version of the book (read by the author, Sharon Davey) and the paperback/audio combo deal.

The six session workbook and the twelve session workbook – comprehensive and practical careers exploration strategies and exercises to help you work out your career direction.

On the Awesome Careers App

Many resources are available free of charge on the App – videos, My Ideal Work exercise, the Job Search Support Kit

For purchase:

The audio version of the book, Awesome Careers for Gen Ys.

The six session workbook and the twelve session workbook – both great resources for you if you’re looking for answers with your career direction.

Awesome Careers YouTube channel

The channel will have videos uploaded on a regular basis on topics of interest on careers and job search.

They include What will I do when I grow up, The use of Technology in job search, How to answer Tricky Job Interview questions, etc.

Check it out and subscribe to the Awesome Careers YouTube channel.



Sharon is working on a practical and helpful guide for anyone looking for a job. Its working title is The Ultimate Job Search Book and she aims to have it available for purchase before Christmas.
The book will cover all aspects of searching and applying for jobs, including some words of wisdom from a LinkedIn expert and practical assistance from a fashion stylist.


Sharon believes in the power of networking so she attended an excellent workshop, Networking with Confidence, run by Noni Croft for Janet Culpitt, this month on the Gold Coast, Queensland.



1. Start to create lists of your skills, attributes and values to put into your Awesome Me Folder so that you begin to build up a picture of yourself and gain deeper understanding of how you’re unique.

2. Ask six people to tell you six positive characteristics that you have and write them down. You are likely to get the same answers from some of the people. Are there any that surprise you? Do you think ‘but anyone could do or be that’. Those are the characteristics that are important, that make you who you are! Not everyone can do them and I urge you to acknowledge those things about yourself, to say to yourself ‘yes, I am insightful or kind or a good listener’ or whatever the characteristics are that your friends and family have told you that you possess. Own it, understand its importance and see how it can be used in jobs.